The perfect combination of passion and production.

Our Mission

DEOM combines traditional indoor cultivation with the most recent biodynamic techniques. 100% natural.

As the cultivation hub of Pure Holding, DEOM instills quality throughout its processes. Each bud is a promise.


Ever expanding genetic diversity is continuously entering DEOM for mass production.

As one of the largest indoor production facilities in Europe, harvest results in 3 tons of flower a year on 5000m2. Next to vast amounts being purchased as raw material, the majority of our flower is processed for the tobacco substitute market, reaching over 4’000 points of sale.

Harlequin – CBD

Harlequin is a sativa strain rich on CBD. As a patchwork genetic of the 1970’s favorite Colombian Gold, Thai as well as Swiss sativa landraces and also including a Nepali indica variety, it probably gets its name from the “harlequin” - the traditional Italian clowns with the bright and colorful costumes. With an aroma varying between earthy musk and mango, this variety is a must for every amateur or connoisseur.

Pure CBG

Originally the mother of all cannabinoids. Pure CBG has been bred to be highly productive, highly branched and have high resin flowers. It’s high CBG content at around 8% makes extraction of this prized cannabinoid easily accessible. The terpene profile gives Pure CBG a nice mellow earthy flavor with notes of citrus and fruit.

Orange Bud

This variety is a legendary classic with CBD-rich hemp flowers. The Orange Bud is one of the most famous representatives of legal old school cannabis. Besides its origin, one of the strengths of this strain is its unique and robust taste. The intensity of the fragrance and aroma also contributes to the fact that she is very similar to her THC-rich parents.

Latest News

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